Caring for Our Seniors

When the State of Illinois provides home care and transportation to our seniors, we’re protecting their dignity and honoring their decades of hard work and community service.

But when we help our seniors, we’re also helping ourselves. By funding caregiver programs that make it possible for our seniors to stay in their own homes, the State of Illinois saves hundreds of millions of dollars in nursing home payments.

Those in-home caregiver programs also create jobs and generate vital economic activity in our communities. So we all win.

When I knock on doors in our district, I hear from seniors and their caregivers about how much they depend on these basic services – Meals on Wheels, help with the housework, and rides to their doctors’ appointments or to the grocery store.

It’s just wrong to threaten those seniors with the loss of the State-supported services that help them to live independently – and it’s wrong to waste millions of tax dollars on a pointless fight that the rest of us have to pay for.

When I get to Springfield, I will stand up for our seniors and protect the in-home services that our older citizens have earned – and that save money and provide economic benefits for all of us in Illinois.