Property Taxes

When I go door-to-door or make calls to people in the 48th District, I hear again and again about the need to ease the high property tax burden on DuPage County homeowners. We need to find smart, workable, bipartisan solutions that will offer real property tax relief while ensuring investment in education, public safety and local infrastructure projects.

As your representative, I’ve been a champion for property tax fairness at every level. Working across the aisle, I helped to close a legal loophole that allowed tenants of the DuPage Airport Authority to skip out on nearly $770,000 in overdue property tax payments, and we passed new bipartisan legislation to penalize airport tenants that don’t pay their fair share. Homeowners can’t get away with simply refusing to pay their property tax bills. Now scofflaw businesses in DuPage County will face real consequences for ignoring their tax bills and shifting the burden onto the rest of us.

When I get back to Springfield, I will continue my fight for meaningful, lasting property tax reform that protects DuPage County and ensures that our community remains a great place to live, work, and raise a family.