Standing up for Fiscal Responsibility

Illinois is a great state, filled with smart, hard-working, innovative people who have built thousands of strong, prosperous businesses. So why can’t we figure out a State budget that will make it possible to pay our bills and invest in our people?

As your Representative in Springfield, I will stand up for fiscal responsibility instead of sitting on the sidelines while our leaders kick the can down the road and destroy our state’s credit rating.

People in our district have some tough questions they’d like to ask our State leaders about tax fairness, bonds and borrowing and pension funding. You deserve real answers – and real solutions.

It’s time to stop playing partisan games with people’s tax dollars. We need representatives in Springfield who will roll up their sleeves and work across the aisle to come up with responsible, collaborative spending plans that get the job done – without piling unfair burdens on the backs of our working families.

All across our nation, state governments pass budgets every year that keep taxes fair and reasonable while funding priorities – education, health care, and public safety. Illinois can do it, too.